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Diverse Learning Needs

St Mary's Star of the Sea is an inclusive Catholic community that offers a range of learning options and interventions that support students to reach their full potential. Staff use a variety of pedagogies and learning frameworks to diversify the curriculum and facilitate quality learning and teaching experiences for all students.


A robust and successful early literacy intervention program targets students from Kindergarten to Year 2 and is led by a specialist Literacy Support Teacher. School Support Officers work in each K-2 classroom and along with class teachers, are critical in assisting students to access their learning in an inclusive, differentiated and supportive learning environment.


From time to time, students present with diverse needs and the teacher provides comprehensive support within the classroom, and where needed may seek further support from the school, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong and outside agencies.

The school utilises Personalised Plans to assist in meeting the diverse needs of identified students. Adjustments may be made to learning and teaching experiences for students to better access the curriculum at their level. All Personalised Plans (PP) are developed collaboratively with parents. Regular meetings are held with parents to discuss progress and concerns.


Our Literacy intervention programs at St Mary's are all grounded in evidence-based best practice. This includes MultiLit (“Making Up Lost Time In Literacy”) – a leading intervention program in providing effective literacy instruction. MultiLit encompasses IniaLit (Kindergarten), MiniLIt (Years 1 and 2) and MacqLit (Years 3-6) and Reinforced Reading tuition which provides support for students who require some additional guidance and monitoring for Reading success.


At St Mary's, we aim to empower students to be leaders in areas that they have a skill, passion or interest in. SPLICED, STEM and Maths Olympiad are among the ways students from Years 3-6 can gain enrichment whilst pursuing their passion.

Teachers may devise specific learning for students who have been formally assessed as gifted. This may include:

  • Differentiation within the classroom
  • Opportunities for growth outside the classroom
  • A variety of grouping strategies
  • Access to enrichment programs


One program we offer gifted students is SPLICED (Stretching Potential through Learning in Interactive Challenging Environments in the Diocese). SPLICED provides units of work for learners identified as intellectually gifted in Years 3-6.

SPLICED is open to all Stage 2 and 3 students who are identified through the Australian General Ability Test (AGAT) in Year 3, Slosson Test and through teacher referral.

For more information, view our CEDoW Diverse Learning Needs Policy