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What We Offer

At St Mary’s Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, we give your child the best opportunity to develop academically, spiritually and socially in a safe and supportive environment.

St Mary’s is a vibrant Catholic co-educational primary school committed to every student finding meaning and purpose in their life through continual growth in faith and improvement in learning.

A place where each student is valued and respected, developing positive relationships while working towards a hope-filled future.

We ensure every child is provided with a learning program that is contemporary and personalised, in a learning environment that is inclusive, supportive and challenges students to reach their full potential.

Growing and learning in a community based on Gospel values

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At St Mary’s, we value each individual’s unique gifts and talents. Our students are supported to achieve their full potential through quality learning and teaching experiences in a culture based on Gospel values.

We nurture the Gospel values in our children and staff by challenging them to be moved to action by caring for ‘the other’ and to always strive for the common good. As a faith community, we value faith in action and aim to make a difference in the lives of others through all that we do.

A safe, caring and inclusive environment

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St Mary’s strives to provide a safe and caring environment, where the unique gifts and talents of our students are recognised and celebrated. As a small school, we are fortunate that all of our staff know every child within the school, enhancing the sense of belonging and security within our school community.

Staff use the PB4L (Positive Behaviours for Learning) framework to support students in their academic and social formation, taking time to explicitly model appropriate behaviours and use positive reinforcement, allowing students opportunities to practise these in all school settings.

We work collaboratively to ensure that all staff are consistent in their support and expectations of our students.

Students in all grades also participate in a variety of programs to assist with their social and emotional learning and wellbeing, supported by our Catholic Care Counsellor and Pastoral Care Support Person – both integral to our school community.

Challenging and meaningful learning experiences

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At St Mary’s, we are proud of our high academic achievement, achieving the highest average scores on the South Coast in the most recent NAPLAN testing.

Students participate in hands-on learning, creative and challenging tasks including enrichment programs in many curriculum areas including: the Arts, STEM and Mathematics.

Students are facilitated to achieve success through the implementation of learning intentions and collaboratively developed success criteria.

Our teachers engage in consistent and ongoing onsite Professional Learning by working collaboratively with our Instructional Coach on staff.

Personalised learning for each student

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The students at St Mary’s engage in quality learning and teaching experiences. Our students are challenged and encouraged at their own levels of proximal development.

We understand that every child has unique needs, whether they be academic, social or emotional. At St Mary’s, we plan strategically to support the needs of every child.

Our students engage in flexible learning experiences of modelled, guided and independent learning. Teachers develop individualised learning plans to support the needs of identified students in their care.

Preparing for tomorrow’s world

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At St Mary’s, we are preparing all of our students to take their place as responsible and ethical citizens of tomorrow’s world. We strive to be at the forefront of learning, providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students within our care.

At St Mary’s, all children have access to current technology with an emphasis on developing creativity, becoming critical thinkers and responsible and skilled users of technology.

In our STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) facility, students experiment and explore the world of coding and robotics.

Promoting stewardship and environmental sustainability

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St Mary’s students take an active role in 'caring for our common home’, we are inspired by our beautiful surrounding farm and bushlands and close proximity to the sea. Pope Francis’ Laudato Si is central to our commitment to ensure that our beautiful environment and all the wonders of creation are honoured and preserved for future generations.

The school community is involved in a range of initiatives that empower our students to support the ongoing care of creation through, for example:

  • Recycling and waste reduction practices within our school environment
  • Worm farming and composting organic waste
  • Maintaining the school’s edible garden
  • Curriculum integration of environmental awareness and sustainability

Valuing social justice

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The students at St Mary’s engage in a variety of co-curricular activities, including social justice initiatives throughout the school year such as Project Compassion, Caritas' Catholic Mission Month and the St Vincent de Paul Winter and Christmas Appeals.

Many of these social justice initiatives are coordinated by our strong Mini-Vinnies student team who are at the forefront of identifying needs in our local and global communities and mobilising plans to help others.

For example, our ‘Souper Hero Day’ where students grew pumpkins and cooked soup to serve to our school community.

An inclusive and affordable Catholic education

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At St Mary’s, we welcome children of all faiths, abilities and family backgrounds who seek and support an education in the Catholic tradition.

We strive to keep our fees affordable for families, family discounts apply to each additional child attending our school.

No child is refused a Catholic education at St Mary’s due to financial inability or difficulty.

New or existing parents who find themselves in this situation are encouraged to discuss fee concessions with our school principal who will treat the situation with understanding, sensitivity and confidentiality.

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