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School Song, Prayer and Acknowledgement of Country


We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional custodians and elders; past, present and emerging of this land of the Yuin Nation. The Yuin people have a deep spiritual and physical connection to this land and long before us, loved, lived and raised their children here.

We come together today to learn, to share and walk together.


OUR SCHOOL SONG - Little School on the Hill

We care for ourselves
We care for others
We look out for our sisters
We look out for our brothers

At our little school on the hill

We care for our school
We care for learning
Here at St Mary’s
We keep Jesus’ fire burning

At our little school on the hill

We’re not big but we stand tall
We are family one and all
We’ll pick you up if you do fall
We are family after all

At our little school on the hill

Listen to our school song below...



Heavenly Father,
We ask you to bless our school St Mary’s
And the people who teach and learn here.
Help us to live as your children.
We know we do this when we are helpful
When we speak kindly,
When we are truthful
And honest and ready to forgive.
So help us as we grow and learn to become more like your Son, Jesus.