The school uniform can be purchased at our uniform shop which is located within the school.  Currently the shop is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions and orders can be placed with the school office.

Boys Summer Uniform   Boys Winter Uniform   Boys Sports Uniform
  • Standard navy school shorts (no corduroy or surf shorts)
  • Short sleeve mid-blue shirt
  • Short navy socks
  • Black lace up shoes (shoes that can be polished)
  • No joggers (except for sport) 
  • School hat 
  • Long sleeve mid-blue shirt
  • Standard navy school trousers
  • navy socks 
  • School navy woollen jumper with crest
  • School  lace-up shoes (shoes that can be polished 


  • School sports shirt 
  • School sports shorts (navy)
  • School tracksuit
  • School hat
  • Short white socks
  • White joggers
Girls Summer Uniform   Girls Winter Uniform   Girls Sports Uniform
  • School Summer tunic
  • Short white socks
  • Black lace up or buckled shoes 
  • (shoes that can be polished)
  • Navy Winter tunic
  • Long sleeve white shirt
  • School tab tie
  • School navy woollen jumper with crest
  • Navy tights
  • White socks
  • Black lace-up/buckled shoes (shoes that can be polished) 
  • Sport sports shirt 
  • School sports shorts (navy)
  • White socks
  • white joggers
  • School hat
  • School tracksuit if necessary
  • Long sleeve polo shirt (Winter only-optional)

Woollen jumpers, beanies and hats are also sold through the uniform shop.

From 2020 sport uniform will be worn on Tuesday's and Friday's.