To Contact any staff member email   info@sosmdow.catholic.edu.au and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member

Principal Laurinda Nelson
Assistant Principal  Julie Valentini
Religious Education Coordinator Gabrielle Peters
Kinder Helena Karas
Year 1 Lisa Collins
Year 2 Ursula Porter
Year 3  Ashleigh Pace
Year 4 Brent Harding
Year 5 Ann-Marie Wilson/Kristy Delia
Year 6 Gabrielle Peters/Katy Reid
Instructional Coach  Ann-Marie Wilson
Music Lessons/Drama Erin Chard/Daniella Cooper
Physical Education Lessons Kristy Delia
Creative Art Lessons Emily McGregor
 Literacy Support Teacher  Julie Valentini/Erin Chard
STEM Katy Reid
Senior School Support Officer Karyn Faust
School Support Officer Michele Hendriks
School Support Officer Glenda Johnston
School Support Officer Kylie Fitzpatrick

School Support Officer






Pastoral Support Worker

Karynne Treweek

Melissa Henry

Louise Hamilton

Nichole Shackleton

Michelle Sparkes

 Jodie Lee

Anneliese Robinson