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Student Leadership

Year Six students provide an excellent standard of leadership. The Year Six students organise whole school assemblies fortnightly. Being strong role models is an important part of leadership and the organising of Assemblies has helped the students with public speaking, delegation, organisation and reverence.

Every Monday morning and at each Assembly Year Six students lead us in 'Welcome to Country', raising of our school flag, Australian flag and Indigenous flags, the national Anthem and prayer.

Year Six Sports Captains encourage good sportsmanship and demonstrate leadership during our swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals.

The School Captains demonstrate leadership in their participation in events such as Milton ANZAC Day Service, Mission Week Launch and the Blessing of our new school buildings. Our Captains regularly greet and welcome visitors to our school; Bishop Peter Ingham, Mr Turner, Mrs Sudamalis MP, Mrs Hogan (Principal St John's, Nowra) guest speakers and new parents and students.