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School Charism

"There, where you are you will find God."  These words of Mary MacKillop in 1871 and the teaching of Julian Tenison Woods "for us to have faith in God's presence in 'every circulumstance', sums up what Spirituality is for the Sisters of St Joseph.

It is an energy that seeks right relationships with God, others, self and the earth.  Wherever we are, in town or country, city or across the seas, we trust that we will find God’s meaning, purpose and vitality daily in whatever we do; that we will draw on the strength and resilience of God’s love, live simply, engage with others to meet human needs, be advocates for the voiceless, care for the earth, wonder at nature and create homely communities. 

"The Spirituality and Charism of Mary MacKillop Josephites"